How we are working together

KEI has been using the Gooru Navigator to improve the learning outcomes of its scholars in grades 8-12.

GPF has been hand holding the process of training and implementation and supporting KEI to implement the Navigator beginning with grades 9-10.

What they do

KEI works with high school students from difficult backgrounds in the state of Kashmir and provides them with fellowships and life skills training in addition to providing them academic support to lead meaningful lives.


  • KEI has been able to onboard its scholars onto the Navigator and runs pilots with small cohorts. Larger scale-out among other scholars being planned.
  • Internet challenges being addressed through laddered approaches


  • Pilot Learners on the Platform:
  • Courses Implemented: Grade 9-10 Math

“Together with pioneering school districts and over 65 collaborators from around the world, we have built a GPS for learning. Now we are on a mission to get it into the hands of all 7 billion learners on earth!”

Prasad Ram – CEO of Gooru

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