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MasteryTrack is supporting organizations to implement Gooru Navigator.

What they do

MasteryTrack’s mission is to accelerate the implementation of high-quality mastery learning in schools and districts across the U.S. MasteryTrack has developed a mastery dashboard system and helps educators implement it to improve student learning.

About Them

A transformation of American education is underway. Blended and personalized learning is sweeping across the country in schools and districts of all types and sizes. This trend is breathtaking and tremendously exciting. One of the central elements of blended learning is mastery-based learning: enabling students to move forward in their learning at their own pace as they master content rather than based on traditional time structures. Schools and districts are starting to take tangible steps in this direction.

However, software programs currently offered by the marketplace do not include the functionality necessary to make this possible in a way that leads to a scalable, inexpensive, long-term solution. Many learning systems include proprietary learning objectives, and most systems integrate the data about student progress in a way that impedes integration with other learning solutions. This is a gap in the blended learning ecosystem that must be addressed quickly. Without clear examples of how to bring blended learning to life in classrooms and realize the benefits for students and teachers, the success of the entire movement is in jeopardy.

Over the past few years the MasteryTrack system has been developed to meet this need. It offers a structure for mastery-based learning that can be implemented immediately in classrooms and provides a compelling illustration of the kind of functionality required by the ecosystem.

Scott Ellis, Founder

Scott Ellis is the founder and CEO of MasteryTrack and a national expert in catalyzing blended and mastery-based learning at scale. He has more than 20 years of experience as an executive and consultant in technology and nonprofits, and deep expertise in strategy, operations, finance, measurement of impact, and management coaching.

Previously, Scott was the founding CEO of The Learning Accelerator (TLA), a non-profit whose mission is to accelerate the implementation of high-quality blended learning in schools across America. Before TLA, Scott served as the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operating Officer of New Teacher Center (NTC), a large national education nonprofit that works with school districts to develop and implement intensive instructional mentoring programs for new teachers. He has also served on the board of trustees for Reading Partners (an education nonprofit that runs reading tutoring programs for children) and the Spondylitis Association of America (a medical organization) and provided consulting support to dozens of others.

In his career before NTC, Scott spent nearly eight years at Hewlett Packard and managed an internal analytical consulting organization whose role was to help the various HP businesses make better data-driven decisions. Before joining HP, Scott was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, a strategy consulting firm. He has an MBA from Stanford and an undergraduate degree in government and economics from Harvard.


MasteryTrack is excited to partner with Gooru to help implement Navigator to improve learning!

Scott Ellis, CEO MateryTrack

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