NLabs Schools Program

Schools and Districts participate in the NLabs Schools Program to innovate with NLabs on Navigated Learning. They implement Navigator with their cohorts and benefit from NLabs partnership with leading researchers in learning to bring their innovations to practice.
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What is an NLabs School

When joining NLabs, your school becomes a pioneer in the co-creation of the Navigated Learning approach:

  • First – You are empowered to aggregate your data. Using an interoperability framework, your tool providers can now share the data your learners generate on their tools, into a Data Lake that YOU own.
  • Second – You will more fully understand each learner’s location, in terms of their knowledge, mindsets, and community engagement. Your learners’ identity will now be updated in real-time as data from learning activities flows into your Data Lake, providing you an increasingly comprehensive understanding of each learner’s gaps, needs, and proficiency.
  • Third – You are empowered to leverage your data to meet your learning goals.
    Through Gooru Navigator for learners, you will be able to leverage your data to provide highly personalized pathways of open resources to your students, and through the Navigator for teachers and leaders tools, you will be able to provide real-time actionable insights to all other stakeholders.
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Be Recognized for Pioneering Innovation

NLabs schools are at the leading edge of this pioneering innovation and are set to be the exemplar implementers that will be showcased as Navigated Learning goes global.

  • Use Gooru Navigator district-wide
  • Innovate and lead its evolution
  • Showcase your success
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Grades 2-12 Navigator for core subjects

  • Math
  • Science
  • ELA

Navigator Mobile Apps

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Parents/Guardians

Key features

  • Learning Registry of all of the district’s premium tools and content
  • District Data Lake that dynamically aggregates all data
  • Usability
  • Dashboards and reports for teachers
  • Accessibility, Privacy, Security, and Interoperability

Asynchronous and Synchronous Training for Teachers, Admins, and School Leadership

  • Navigator Professional Development for Teachers
  • Training for Administrators

Community Forum

  • Students and teachers in a class can interact in a discussion forum
  • Teachers, Parents, and Administrators have their own channels to share and discuss

Mission Control for Principals

  • Dashboards to monitor the progress of ELL, IEP, and Special Need Students as per LCAP
  • Dashboard to monitor core content area progress
  • Provide a Parent Training Course in Spanish for use with Navigator for Learners in Spanish
  • Facilitate “share and discuss” teacher successes

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