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NLabs includes a growing number of School districts and educational institutions, that are co-creating the Navigator and the Navigated Learning approach. Learn more about these pioneers below:
Nlabs + Gooru = Navigator

Pioneering School Districts

Lammersville Unified School District

Lammersville Unified School District is implementing Math Navigator with middle and high school students. They provide invaluable feedback for the Instructor, Learner, and Mission Control tools. LUSD helps to validate the tools and content through continued use. They were an early adopter of Navigator.

Val Verde Unified School District

Val Verde Unified School District is one of two public education governing bodies in Moreno Valley, California, including Perris, California. VVUSD currently operates 21 schools and serves more than 20,000 students. VVUSD as an early adopter, uses Navigator for Math and ELA across various grade levels.

Leadership Public Schools

Leadership Public Schools is an early adopter of Navigator for Math. Christensen Institute undertook a research study of Math Navigator at LPS and found that students gained 2.8 years of growth in a single year. LPS continues to be an active Lab school in their implementation efforts. 

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