How we are working together

GTVET, a skills provider in India is using Gooru Navigator as its core learning management tool to provide learning tools, track the progress and evaluate the competency of its students through their progression from an entry-level blue-collar worker to growing in their selected careers.

What they do

Impactful education and technology enabled learning for all.
To be achieved through:
1) Online, Onsite, Offsite, Off campus delivery of value based Technical Vocational Education and Training;
2) Innovative pedagogy through digitised content, synchronous and asynchronous learning;
3) Extensive industry participation through staffing, apprenticeship & work integrated learning; and
4) Accessible, affordable and flexible further education with integration to school repair, professional training & coaching.

“Together with pioneering school districts and over 65 collaborators from around the world, we have built a GPS for learning. Now we are on a mission to get it into the hands of all 7 billion learners on earth!”

Prasad Ram – CEO of Gooru

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