Gooru Navigator Production Release July 2021

What’s New for Students:

Updated Class Cards

Student Class Cards have been updated to show more information, including:

  • Performance – the student’s average assessment score 
  • Time Spent – the student’s total active learning time in the course
  • Progress – the amount of the Learning Journey completed and mastered so far

The total number of course competencies mastered by the student is shown in the upper right corner of the Card, under the kangaroo. This will update as students progress and master more lessons. 

Study Player  

New UI and usability improvements.

  • ​​New study header for student view
  • Preview background uses new Gooru colors and kangaroo image


Student Dashboard created:

What’s New for Teachers:

Classroom Setup

  • Provided support to set up incomplete classes


Introduced new report for data by milestone:

  • Captures individual and class-level progress in terms of milestones.
  • Notes the highest competency mastered, the number of competencies mastered, and the average assessment score.

Teachers can click the icon by a student’s name to view their Learning Journey.

Performance Overview

  • Added new report cards (class progress, data by milestone, and student progress) and merged learning gaps and challenges (renamed as “Opportunity for Growth”)  in the Performance Overview.

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