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“For starters, we will utilize the Navigator platform to host our academic and behavioral data.”

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Gestalt Community Schools is a system of K-12 college-preparatory charter schools in targeted Memphis, Tennessee communities. Gestalt schools provide strong academic outcomes for their scholars through initiatives that include meaningful community involvement. Gestalt catalyzes community leadership to help revitalize the neighborhood as it operates its schools in that community. Instead of debating whether education impacts the community or vice versa, Gestalt believes the most effective method to support student achievement is an integration of education and community, a true gestalt: a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Gestalt Community Schools

“Together with pioneering school districts and over 65 collaborators from around the world, we have built a GPS for learning. Now we are on a mission to get it into the hands of all 7 billion learners on earth!”

Prasad Ram – CEO of Gooru

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