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Val Verde Unified along with Lammersville Unified and Gooru co-founded Navigator Labs NLabs in July 2021, to innovate and co-create the Gooru Navigator. NLabs is seeking to bring diverse school partners to ensure that Gooru Navigator works for all learners. Three new school districts have joined Lammersville and Val Verde as part of NLabs. Every school district is innovating with the Gooru technology team in specific areas to extend Gooru Navigator:

  • Val Verde Unified: Helping develop an application for Principals where they can track key elements of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). Principals can see the progress the school is making and intervene with teacher PD, classroom observations, and instructional modeling
  • Lammersville Unified: Helping develop a learning registry of all content and tools used by the district, integrate the data from these providers to obtain a comprehensive and real-time understanding of every student to improve the precision of personalizing pathways
  • Cucamonga School District: Helping curate and structure K1 content that cover topics in Math, Science, and ELA. Gooru Navigator current has curated open content for grades 2-High School in Math, grades 5-8 in ELA, and Middle School Science
  • Park County: Helping develop a mobile application for teachers to complement the mobile application for students and web applications for both students and teachers
  • Shelby County Schools: Develop a universal screening for behavior with inputs from students, teachers, and parents and recommend interventions to teachers, mental health clinicians, and parents
Val Verde Unified School District
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Val Verde Unified School District is one of two public education governing bodies in Moreno Valley, California, including Perris, California. VVUSD currently operates 21 schools and serves more than 20,000 students. The mission of VVUSD is to create a positive environment that produces life-long learners who will become responsible, contributing citizens able to function in a culturally diverse society.

“Together with pioneering school districts and over 65 collaborators from around the world, we have built a GPS for learning. Now we are on a mission to get it into the hands of all 7 billion learners on earth!”

Prasad Ram – CEO of Gooru

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