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Park County is a Lab School who implements Gooru Math Navigator with students in 4th grade through HS. They provide invaluable product feedback and are integral in research to practice and validate the life cycle.

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At first I must admit students weren’t super excited, but when they started seeing how they were improving, progressing, and meeting their learning goals, they became so excited. They even wanted to get back onto Math Navigator when they completed their MAP testing, so that they could improve their scores for next time.  We were so fortunate that the wonderful staff at Gooru met with us weekly and they gave us demos of how we could be better using Math Navigator with our students and they helped us talk through problems. We even had them join some classes and talk with our students about how Gooru works and what we can do to make it better. We appreciate that partnership with Gooru so much.  The thing that we love most about using Gooru Is that it’s not just some program that we log into, we really feel like we’re interacting with people who have custom-tailored our learning experiences for our school and for our students.

Laurel Dumas, Edith Teter Elementary School, Park County School District, Principal

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