How we are working together

GPF has been using the Gooru Learning Navigator to bring about a focus on competency-based learning and shift towards formative assessments and teacher development in the Public schooling system.

Key concerns that Gooru Navigator is addressing:

  • Bringing about a focus on competency-based learning.
  • Shift towards formative assessments and teacher development.
  • Access to real-time information on learning
  • Technology that scales their efforts through laddered interventions

What they do

GPF is working with the Government of Maharashtra as an implementing partner for ‘Collaborators for Transforming Education’ in 4 districts that have varying degrees of challenges and ground realities. 

GPF is working towards reducing the gap between policy and implementation in the state. GPF has been working with teachers and with local communities to address quality issues in public schooling in Maharashtra.


  • A paradigmatic shift to a competency-based learning approach in pilot areas from a traditional textbook approach
  • A laddered intervention of supporting teachers through smartphones to teach and track the progress of students
  • Implementation in a regional language such as Marathi
  • From September 2019 to April 2020, Navigator was used by about 110 teachers in Manwath block (69 schools) in Maharashtra a simple study indicated that-  89% of the teachers felt that Learning Navigator has helped the children gain competencies and 82% of teachers reported having a better understanding of how each child in their class is progressing through the reports generated by Learning Navigator.


  • Pilot Learners on the Platform: 9987
  • Teachers: 380
  • Courses Created: Grade 1-5 Math in Marathi, Grade 8-10 Math, Grade 6-8 science

“The potential Navigator brings to a country like India is incredible. The focus on competency based learning provides a level playing field to all children across the spectrum.”

Pallavi Mukhedkar, Education Team Lead

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