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Cogitare has Implemented Gooru Learning Navigator for competency definition and tracking the conceptual understanding of the students through assessments linked to competencies. We leverage this insight to offer a CUSTOMIZED learning journey for our students.

With the first-hand experience of evolving these best practices in-house, Cogitare is partnering with Progressive Private School(s) in Bangalore to implement CBE and Learning Navigator for grades 7-10 in the areas of Science, Math and Computational Thinking, in these schools.

What they do

Cogitare endeavors to ignite the minds of children and make them eager to learn. Help them go beyond exam scores and make them “learners for life“. Cogitare means ‘to think’ in Latin.

Children are encouraged to think, by carefully crafted scenarios, questions and take the center stage in the learning process. They believe that the most important skill children need are the ability to:



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Anand Subramanian

Anand Subramanian

A teacher by choice, I discovered my passion by teaching both my children from their formative years. A Mechanical Engineer, I have a rich experience of over 20 years in Industries panning Manufacturing, Telecom and IT.  Through these years and various roles that were entrusted to me, I have gained a good insight into the skills that are needed by young professionals and how these have to be nurtured and honed in the early years.

Sunitha Prabhu

Sunitha Prabhu

I am a technologist and learner for life. After having spent 17+ years in Technology, I started teaching Math and Science in 2016 and since then have been touched by the liveliness and curiosity of young minds. The teaching journey at Cogitare, our learning centre in Bangalore, is helping me constantly redefine the goals of education and find creative ways of making learning, a meaningful endeavour for children.

“Together with pioneering school districts and over 65 collaborators from around the world, we have built a GPS for learning. Now we are on a mission to get it into the hands of all 7 billion learners on earth!”

Prasad Ram – CEO of Gooru

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