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MyGooru LearnBot provides personalized pathways in your applications

Add MyGooru LearnBot to Your Application

Your Users Get Personalized Nudges, Answers, and Pathways

EdTech companies with LMSs, Assessment Tools, and other systems can bring Gooru’s research-driven personalization technology based on principles of learning to all their users by simply adding MyGooru LearnBot to their applications. MyGooru provides personalized pathways, nudges, and conversations to the users within the partner applications.

    EdTech companies can bring Gooru’s Navigated Learning technology to their applications in a few easy steps

  • Sign up with Gooru to become a MyGooru partner
  • Add MyGooru LearnBot to your applications with a few of lines of code and immediately enable personalization for your users
  • Send content metadata to MyGooru about the resources accessed by the users in different pages and sections of your application. MyGooru will index the content in the Learn Store
  • Send event data to MyGooru about user’s learning activities in the partner applications. MyGooru will aggregate the data in the Data Lake and continuously update the user’s Skyline
  • Your users access personalized Pathways, get context-sensitive Nudges, and have learner-aware Conversations using indexed content and generative AI based on the understanding of the whole learner and their current learning context within your applications

Partners Benefit from MyGooru

Partners can add MyGooru to enhance their applications with personalizaiton for their cohorts. 

  • Partners can quickly bring Gooru’s personalization technology that is based on principles of learning to their users
  • With MyGooru content providers index and curate in Learn Store, and distribute their content on Navigator
  • Tool developers integrate their tools into the Learn Store and reach millions of users on Navigator
  • Researchers plug in the tools and algorithms for their innovations in learning, cognitive, data, and other sciences into Learn Store to validate with the cohorts and access anonymized data from Navigator with consent for their research

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