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  • Students Download MyNavigator for free and access both free and paid programs for Math, Science, ELA, and other subjects
  • Teachers Use our free Navigator, enroll your students, and support their K-12 learning
  • Learning Providers – Schools, Institutions & other learning providers – run programs for your users using our SaaS service and ready-made apps
  • Content Providers – Index and curate your content in Navigator and reach millions of users
  • EdTech  Companies Easily integrate, use our APIs, and leverage our AI


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Why Students Need a GPS for Learning

To establish equity and excellence in learning, we recognize that any meaningful solution will require changes to the way we think about education and how we measure and assure learning outcomes. We need to understand learners comprehensively and precisely across multiple dimensions and for every competency in each facet of learning and provide personalized pathways that are specific to the learner. This is a complex process. In order to effect real change, our strategy must:

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Gooru Navigator Tools

Gooru has worked with lab schools and researchers to develop a universal personalized learning technology that works to address extreme diversity among lifelong learners worldwide by dynamically composing the learning activities to serve every learner in their context. Gooru Navigator is a suite of tools that use this technology to aggregate data across all tools to locate the learner for their knowledge, skills, and mindsets with high precision and provide adaptive learning pathways to help learners reach their academic and career goals. It provides instructors, parents, and leadership with real-time actionable insights to support the learner achieve their goals.

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AI Operationalizes Principles of Learning

Gooru works with researchers, educators, and other stakeholders in the learning ecosystem to bring the latest in learning, cognitive, behavioral, and data sciences into personalizing the learning for the students. Gooru aggregates data from multiple sources and uses AI to compute attributes across multiple dimensions such as knowledge, mindsets, abilities, and others to understand the learner better and to compute the efficacy of the learning activities. Gooru’s Navigator technology leverages these attributes and metadata along with rules guided by principles of learning to mediate personalized pathways for learners and recommendations for all stakeholders.

Who We Serve

Gooru partners with all learning ecosystem players to scale their reach and impact. Partners include Providers such as Content Providers, Tool Developers, and Researchers who distribute their free and premium resources and innovations on Gooru. 

Partners also include Implementers such as Schools/Universities that personalize learning for their students, B2B Program partners who enable personalization with their content for their cohorts, EdTech companies that integrate Gooru Navigator into their applications, and Skills Training programs that upskill workers. 

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Students, Teachers & Parents/Guardians

Students: Download MyNavigator and learn any topic in K12 core subjects for free.

Teachers: Create classes and add students for free, Identify gaps and struggles of your students with data, use AI-based recommendations, and improve productivity.

Parents/Mentors: Download Navigator Guardian app to get access to your child’s learning, keep track of assignments, performance and progress and provide support to enable them to reach their goals


Schools & Institutions

Roster your teachers, students, and administrators, plug in your content and data, provide personalized learning pathways for your students, and actionable insights to all stakeholders.


EdTech Companies

Learning systems providers (LMS, LXP, Assessments), and eLearning Providers (Curriculum, Tools, Tutoring) can integrate and bring Navigator’s Universal Personalization into your apps with content, tools, and services from the entire ecosystem.

Content Providers

You can reach millions of users with their content on Navigator. You can index your content and tools into the Learning Registry, curate and publish. School Districts and institutions can preview your content, subscribe to them and enable for recommendations in personalized pathways for their users.

Program Partners

Implementers and other learning providers can create programs on Navigator targeting specific disciplines and cohorts using Navigator’s OER content, their own resources, and/or other 3rd party content indexed in Navigator’s Learning Registry. Publish programs and reach users across disciplines and geographies

Tool Developers

You can integrate your tools into Navigator using Navigator’s APIs and reach the millions of students, teachers, and other stakeholders.

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Plugin your innovations into Navigator, put them into practice, and validate them with cohorts. Share findings and collaborate with other researchers and partner with Gooru on research proposals

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Built on standards-aligned competency frameworks, learners get personalized pathways to accelerate outcomes by 2X

Learning Science

Using AI to operationalize the Principles of Learning in recommending personalized learning pathways

Data Ownership

Aggregate data across activities, adhering to local privacy and global data security norms


Leadership use real-time insights to achieve their organization's goals


Instructors increase their productivity by up to 20%

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Education is a fundamental human right, and Gooru aims to enable equal educational access and opportunity. Gooru’s technology addresses the needs of every learner across geographies and languages and provides independent students and teachers access to Navigator and Gooru’s programs for free.

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