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Utter offers learning solutions for fluency in English via chatbots and expert tutoring via their app. Utter developed a competency model on Gooru Navigator for spoken English. They created reference maps to their chatbots as collections and assessments in Navigator. The learner’s study metrics, such as time spent and performance in their assessments on the Utter app, are sent to Navigator. Navigator continuously locates the learners and sends the learners’ proficiency data to the Utter app to help learners track their mastery.

What they do

Their aim is to make quality learning accessible and affordable to people from all walks of life. Utter gives learners access to a fun learning environment that aims at building confidence and giving people the opportunity to not only grow in their careers, but their personal lives as well. They have created an English learning app.

We have done a pilot with Gooru to integrate the Navigator and now we are building one inside our app. The reason we delayed was because we wanted to be convinced that the Navigator tech can actually lead to monetisation. We now have launched a new premium offering where we would need precise user data to up sell the premium offerings. This is where Navigator will help us identifying the weaknesses and suggesting a solution to the right learners on our platform.  One of the good things about Gooru is that they don’t come with commercial deal making philosophy. They are interested in building interesting solutions that can impact the masses and are willing to share a part of the money their partners make. This allows early stage startups like us to quickly integrate their tech and enable our business without the stress of upfront capital investments.

Ninad Vengurlekar, Utter, CEO & Co-Founder

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