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MyNavigator for Learners is a GPS for learning. It accurately locates the learner's knowledge, skills, and mindsets and then constructs a personalized pathway to help them reach their learning goals, while providing GPS-like guidance each step of the way.

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GPS for Learning

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A simple GPS for learning. Identify where you are, then search for a destination and start exploring the learning journey.
  • Choose what, when, how to learn
  • Fill in your gaps in understanding
  • Own your own data

Individual pathways are dynamically updated based on the learner's performance as they progress through a course. Navigator suggests learning activities to fortify concepts, build confidence, and achieve mastery. ‍

Full-Spectrum of Activities

Learning pathways consist not only of digital activities but also offline activities including, individual and group projects, essays, proofs, and presentations to fill gaps and deepen knowledge.

Instructor Support

Learners receive personalized interventions from instructors and additional curated learning activities suggested by Navigator to help them reach their learning destination. ‍

Take Agency and Track

Learners track their performance over time and take agency of their learning by setting goals, reviewing their progress, making decisions in their learning journey, and planning their study.

Data Privacy

Navigator complies with California's Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA) not just for students in California, but for all learners no matter their age or location.

MyNavigator Course Experiences

US Curriculum Navigator Courses

US K-12 Math Navigator is a comprehensive math course with content coverage from grade 2 through high school. It can be used to supplement math curricula in integrated or traditional course pathways, providing opportunities for support, practice, and enrichment. Math Navigator’s content includes a variety of Common Core aligned resources, videos, simulations, practice questions, and assessments designed to gauge mastery.

Science Navigator includes NGSS-aligned content for grades 6, 7, and 8 in the areas of Earth and Space Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Science and Engineering Practices. It can be used to supplement science curricula following traditional or integrated course pathways, including Stanford’s SCALE curriculum. Content includes standards-aligned videos, interactives, simulations, labs, and demonstrations, along with free-response questions, argumentation, offline projects, and machine-graded assessments. We are currently working to expand Science Navigator to include elementary and high school science.

English Language Arts (ELA) Navigator is coming soon. It will include Common Core aligned content from upper elementary to high school courses, providing opportunities for support and enrichment in foundational language skills, reading literature and informational texts, writing, and speaking. Content will include a variety of resources and multiple opportunities for students to practice ELA skills in machine-graded assessments, offline activities, and comprehensive projects.

Indian Curriculum Navigator Courses

Grade 5 Mathematics Navigator course for students is available as an open resource on the Gooru Navigator. The content is in alignment with NCERT Class 5 course requirements in India. The course is presented as short lessons, each tagged to a competency. The lessons have a collection of videos, solved examples, practice worksheets, and do-it-yourself activities that will deepen understanding of the concept. A set of questions that helps to assess if the learner has understood the competency is also made available.

Grade 9- Mathematics Navigator course is available for students in India for self-study. The contents of this course is in alignment with Grade 9 Mathematics, NCERT. The course is presented as short lessons. A variety of resources in the form of videos, solved examples, worksheets and quiz are available for each lesson. At the end of every lesson, a set of questions help you check if you have understood the contents of the lesson.

India Grade 9 Math Navigator

African Countries Curriculum Navigator Courses

Grade 8 – Math Navigator, aligned to South African Educational Standards will be available soon from Greenshoots

K-8 Math Navigator, aligned to Tanzanian Educational Standards will be available soon, from Ubongo.

A number of skills development courses and soft skills courses are currently in development both for the global and Indian contexts.

Understanding the Learning Navigator is coming in 2021. It is designed for K12 learners, instructors, administrators, and guardians as well as content providers and researchers. This course will provide users with a comprehensive look at how to best use Navigator in the K12 classroom and beyond, covering concepts like building content, monitoring and evaluation through Mission Control, learning and teaching with Navigator, and the science behind Navigator.  The course offers a variety of instructional videos and screenshots, as well as step-by-step instructions pulled from our How-To Guide and quick self-assessments to gauge understanding.

Effectively and Efficiently Using Data and Technology is a professional development course designed for K12 instructors. The course provides a range of resources to support instructors as they collect and analyze student data and use these data to inform instruction. Resources include videos, text uploads, and links to a variety of educational websites, articles, and blogs. The course also provides instructors with opportunities to upload artifacts and to self-assess understanding of the course content, and it can be used as a component of instructional observations to support teacher development.

Math Navigator

Explore how Learners and Instructors are using the Math Navigator experience, to accelerate learning outcomes in Math.

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